Our Scents


We will custom blend any scent and container

for your special occasion.

We have a couple of new, sample scents we are trying out: Basil, Sage, and

Strawberry. Come visit us at our next show to try them out.

Holiday scents:

  1. Roasted Pine Needles

  2. Cinnamon Balsam

  3. Balsam Fir

  4. **New this year: Peppermint Kiss

Our stock scents include:

  1. Lavender

  2. Lemon

  3. Lemongrass

  4. Lilac

  5. Macintosh Apple

  6. Rose

  7. Tranquil Water

  8. Vanilla Bean

  9. Night at the Drive-in (Summer only)

  10. Citronella (summer only)

Fall scents:

  1. Apple & Oak

  2. Chutney (orange and cranberry)

  3. Clove

  4. Maple

  5. Pumpkin Pie

  6. Warm Buttery Biscuits

  7. Sweet Home